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Customized Connectivity.

Unsurpassed Reliability.

Business Continuity.

Now more than ever, business success has become increasingly dependent on reliable connectivity. As your business grows with day-to-day operations, your dependency on reliable, high-speed Internet increases for primary and backup solutions.

Utilizing a nationwide fibre backbone, licensed frequency and carrier grade equipment, Xplore Business’ Dedicated Internet Access provides scalable custom solutions from 5 Mbps to 1 Gbps to set your business up for success. No matter where you are!

  • 24/7 dedicated enterprise support

  • Scalable custom solutions

  • Connectivity Nationwide

  • Unlimited Data Transfer

  • Guaranteed Service Level Agreements

  • Committed Information Rate

  • Flexible contracts

  • Unlimited Data Transfer


Contact the Xplore Business experts today and we’ll help you find a customized business Internet solution that fits your needs today and in the future.

See what customers are saying about Xplore Internet

  • Xplore Business' continuity backup plans give us the confidence of knowing that if there is an emergency, we’re in good hands. An Internet outage can happen at any time, but it’s not something we’re worried about anymore.”

    Steven C.

  • Finally finding the right kind of Internet provider for our rural-based business has helped us actively participate in market places that extend far beyond our geographic boundaries.”

    Sam L.

  • Thanks to Xplore Business, our fast and reliable Internet service helps us deliver our company-wide and nation-wide services with no interruptions.”

    Sam H.

About Xplore Business

In today’s global business environment, reliable connectivity has become essential. With our nationwide customers in mining, manufacturing, education, financial services, agriculture, health and retail, we recognize that businesses have different requirements when it comes to connectivity.

That’s why Xplore Business offers customized connectivity to meet and exceed today’s business requirements. A 24/7 Network Operations Centre, dedicated to business customers only, we provide priority service to keep your business running around the clock.